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Asia Camp handled by Asia Camp Sdn. Bhd.(12440440-X) have expertise in managing spiritual and recreational activities. We believe every course planned is able to give impact to participants’ social development especially to youngsters

Strategic Team Building Location

AsiaCamp is a training and recreational management company which operates at a strategic team building programme location in Semenyih, Selangor. Situated besides Selangor River and at the foothill of Titiwangsa Ranges, the Team Building location provides aircond chalet, campsite and dormitory facilities to visitors.

Unique & The Largest

AsiaCamp is able to host 2000 participants at any one time which strength is of 72 units of hostel, 40 units of hall and 50 trainers. The halls’ capacity could occupy 1000 peoples which is an advantage as it ensure all activities are continuously handled even if it is raining.

Please download files for more information: Booklet AsiaCamp

Mid Centre

The Recreational & Team Building Centre could be reached by half hour journey from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. In addition, AsiaCamp’s location is in the middle of North, South and East states of Malaysia which is ideal for major camping and accommodation for 1000 person simultaneously.

Safety Guaranteed

AsiaCamp offered variety of training and activity services “indoor or outdoor” in accordance to international standards and backed by certified national and “Bronze- Medal” trainers. Among modules prepared are Corporate Team Building module, leadership camp, motivational talk and uniformed unit camp. We introduced a policy for ladies and men to be accommodated separately which secure participants’ privacy.

Beautiful Scenery

Strategic location with beautiful natural beauty lakes, equipped with facilities for forest and water activities will promise challenging and exciting outdoor experience to each participant.

Comfortable Accommodation

Introducing, the only camp which has the largest accommodation without double- deckers bed, as we provide “single- bed” to participants for them not to worry anymore about climbing bed to the second deck. Cupboard is also provided.

Please download files for more information: Booklet AsiaCamp

The activities are specifically designed

not only toward excitement but to prepare a quality workforce is aligned to the government’ s needs for excellent, brilliant and outstanding human resources. In view of that, we are prepared to offer professional services and modules to the community wherever they are as we believe that our courses would be able to shift the community’s minds toward civil society who understand the principle of good citizenship.

We are fortunate to be one of the pioneer corporate companies that ventured in combining recreational and spiritual elements moulded in modules prepared by certified trainers. It is hoped that this expertise is beneficial and satisfactorily to all.


Supported by International Camping Fellowship

2Orienteering Training Centre in specification to International Orienteering Federation

Industrial Collaboration with Malaysia Education Institution

Implementation of Standard Operation Procedure in Outdoor Training


Training and Recreational Camp Site
7. Corporate modules, examples- Team Building, Training Need Analysis, and SWOT
8. Event management with reasonable costs for school programs (motivational, leadership skills, spiritual camp and etc)

Kuala Lumpur Office :

Click here : 019 284 4456 

AsiaCamp, Teambuildingmalaysia, Lot No PT 1214 Ulu Semenyih, 6, Jalan Sungai Lalang, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

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